Friday, 31 May 2013

Reggie Watts: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

This is dope ,thanks to my amigo Charlie Hermida from world famous Tui,Galicia for findin this

RSA How Cooking Can Change Your Life.

Should be titled 'How Cooking Can Save Your Life' RSA rockin the knowledge once again ,sparkling stuff.The overall msg in this is; 'whatever u do ,do it with love' There are a ton of genius insights in the talk btw.Book + Author i believe is; "Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation" by Michael Pollan

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Filastine - Hypnotico (Live mix)

This is dope-press release from Mata Hari;
Hypnotico VideoClip out. A resume of a 2 year World wide tour that kept all the Post World Industries team busy. Thanks to all the Festivals and Venues that supported us in Asia, Australia, Oceania, Europe, USA and Canada.All Images from £00T Tour 2012-2013. Travel footage from Filastine's mobile phone. Concert footage from Barcelona, Ubud, Paris, Utrecht & Istanbul. Montage by Xavier Artigas.Music extracted from the last LOOTED release:

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Billy Bragg-Between The Wars

BB provin how well he can hold a tune,spittin polemic and guitar riffs as on point then in the 80s,as they are now in 2013,and battered out live as well,listen and learn.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Skeewiff - Rock Da House ***15yr Anniversary FREE DL***

Big thanks to my amigo and erstwhile beatmaker Pimpernel Jones *of Herma Puma fame* for bring this classic to my door. Heres the press release on it
The first track on the first EP that started it all, a whole 15 years ago on the legendary yet short-lived Ministry of Sound "FSUK" label.. birthplace of Skeewiff & Krafty Kuts. A1 "Rock Da House Live" Taken from the EP "Skeewiff - Absent Without Leave EP" As ever, a big thanks to Steve Canueto for starting it all and giving us our first break x

Transnational Tribal Group on Soundcloud *Free Downloads*

Some nifty Transnatty vibez in here an there will be a whole bunch more to come ,this ticket is gonna take off bigtime.Transnational sound is a 4 corners of the Globe affair;everything and anything goes.Also expect a hefty mix comin this week on the mighty Generation Bass blog with selektor Okulus Anomali,u can check some of his beats in here as well.Expect something along the lines of this blinder from UMB Check the TT group vibez here;

Time Lapse Mandala

Wheel of Time ◦ Full Movie (2003) by Werner Herzog

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Awesome Africa Selection

UMB-DeeP In ZouK Space [Mastered Download & Tracklist Coming Soon]

    If u know UMB then u know he is always ahead of the game and this most recent foray into Zouk Bass just highlights it all the more,am not even gonna bother to describe it in any detail as that would spoil the surprise however will just say that am lookin forward to the tracklist,final master and download link! :) (Especially as Umb is as attentive to 'sound' as he is 'selection).

Dub Sahara selection-Plane Of Infinite Space

Dub Sahara again , always delivering +ve vibrations and salutations.Exquisite life affirming energy on this selection.1L.

Friday, 24 May 2013

"Soleado", de Señorlobo y Lubacov (21-05-2013) [42] Romanthony

"Soleado", de Señorlobo y Lubacov (21-05-2013) [42] Romanthony
Marta Ren & The Groovelvets - 2 Kinds Of Men 
Billy Guy - Put Your Own Words To It (K's Extended Delight) 
Colm K - The Attic 
Niño - 1995 
youAND:THEMACHINES Feat. Robert Owens - Inner Connected 
Bibio - Raincoat 
Wrongkong - See It Coming 
DJ Koze Feat. Caribou - Track ID Anyone? 
Queens Of The Stone Age - If I Had A Tail 
Omar - The Man (Scratch Professer Retwist) 
dné - Like Physical 
Pablo Sánchez - Out And About 
Riot Jazz Brass Band - Paradox 
Wrongtom - Riddim Killin 
Eman X MoDlee - Rollup 
Secret Circuit - Higher Heights 
Glue Kids & Inés Pardo - Strange City 
Pilote - Shapeshifter Blues 
The 13th Tribe Feat. Lu Angel - Broken Time 
Barbarossa - The Load 
Romanthony - Bring U Up

John Pilger - The New Rulers Of The World

"Indonesia; where old imperialism meets new'

Clear Blue-4 The Birds *Free Download*

Nice trankilo beat ,soulful and mellow just how we like it

Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better (Sandru´s never felt better than in 2013 rework) [free download]

Nice lil House track this, great for gettin in the mood for a weekend boogie

PowerMusic Beatz , Quinta Do Mocho, Papua New Guinea

Man these dudes beats are off the hook ,some serious vibez goin on here ,heavy fresh bizniz.Most of the download limits have been maxed but go to the tracks an u can get a link in description r contact them an tell em their beats are the biz

Soundcloud here for tons more freebs an dope vibez
Check their Facebook here

Ivor Cutler - Life in a Scotch Sitting Room, vol. 2 ep. 11

Thursday, 23 May 2013


Zouk Bass For Dummies A Phrasebook/Dictionary of Tarraxo,Tarrachinha,Tarraxinha explained

Ok thanks to Filipe Ribeiro for clearing all this up once and for all.

tarraxinha/tarrachinha is a minimal form of Kizomba. more raw, less elements , specially the "romantic ones" and hipnotic..i use to say that tarraxinha is to kizomba as dub to reggae. Tarraxo/tarracho is a ven more raw and dark version of tarraxinha, more focused on the percussions, rhythm and less on the melody. and you also have "fodencia do ghetto" an even more raw version of tarraxo

Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMO's - Full Movie

Cheers to my amigo Chuck for the heads up on this.I think Natural News are well suspect but i still think some of the opinions here should be thought about,investigated and discussed further.

Black Weedz - Make It Clap Tarraxinha (Zouk Bass)

Again big thanks to Filipe Ribeiro for pointing me in the direction of these cats;

Black Weedz - Kuribota Tarraxinha (Zouk Bass)

Big thanks to Filipe Ribeiro for pointing me in the direction of these cats;

Kodak To Graph - Rakshasa feat. Monsoonsiren

The Chemistry Magazine-The Laboratory #10 - Maltron (Finest Ego / Project: Mooncircle)

Andrea-Early Bird (ft. Julia Losfelt)

Your Morning Places (ft. Rejjie Snow) Early Bird (ft. Julia Losfelt) Your Morning (Slow Magic Remix) Your Morning (Sun Glitters Remix) Free Download @

N.I.N PRODUCTION MUSIC free Instrumental

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Silk Scars- DRTHVDR *free 320*

Nice little mid tempo groover this,tight beat an fit melody,shows a heap of promise as well, good things comin from this Manchester lad ,look forward to following his progress.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Babylon Contamination

Scribbled this yesterday ,beat came togther after jammin hard on Mini Djembi,nylon string guitar,percussion *little homemade rice shaker* and put down some vocals in Spanish and Creole.No synths used all organic vibez with inventive reverbs and delays adding atmosphere.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Microcosmos Full Movie

Legendary film this,first saw it projected on a big screen in the AM at Glastonbury,unforgettable.

Detroit Black Journal-Sun Ra

Some good patter in here,well worth an oggle.

Sun Ra,Brother From Another Planet

Hawkwind Doc.

Some great stories and knowledge in here.

Samuel beckett interview 1987.

David Lynch: Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain

Skip to 7 mins for DL.

Mixmaster Morris & Matt Black - Art Ov The Moment, The Albert May 2013

Be good to your ears and listen to this.


By Unknown
1 Unknown
By Bersarin Quartet
2 Who Am I
By Peace Orchestra
3 Unknown
By Boards of Canada
4 Unknown
By Unknown
5 Is There Anybody Out There?
By Pete Gooding & Steve Miller
6 From Home To Work And Back Again
By Tall Black Guy
7 Unknown
By Unknown
8 Music Is The Word
By Planty Herbs
9 Unknown
By Unknown
10 Open
By Rhye
11 Celebrate the Silence
By Turn on the Sunlight
12 Futile Devices (Shigeto Remix)
By Sufjan Stevens
13 Unknown
By Ayota
14 What the world needs now
By Burt Bacharach
15 Holding you, Loving you
By Don Blackman
16 Holding you, Loving you
By Zo!
17 Mystic Brew
By Anders Hjemstad
18 Krystyna
By Ptaki
19 Unknown
By Unknown
20 Unknown
21 The Awakening
By François Kevorkian
22 Psychedelic Afternoon
By David Byrne & Ryuichi Sakamoto
23 Do You (Cashmere Cat remix)
By Miguel
24 Betrayed In The Octagon
By Oneohtrix Point Never
25 How It Is *
By Wunder
26 Nissim
By Gaslamp Killer
27 Signs
By Boozoo Bajou

Hurlin-Best Sport On Earth

Just a wee tribute to my fave game.Fast,tough,skillful and almost always delivers a nail biting finish.Watching any other sport after watchin a tight game of hurlin is like dipping yer eyes in a 2 month old cheese n pickle sandwich.

RSA RSA Animate - The Power of Outrospection-Looking At Empathy

Lapkat opens La Danza Poetica with Wanya Eko by The 13th Tribe.

Really happy to see this track we wrote way back in 1996/97 still gettin love in 2013.Ego vibin aside,this show is as fresh,melifluous and spiritual as it gets.Some real gems in here an u can tell Laptkat/Lisa Greenway puts her heart n soul into these sessions,lovely stuff.Keep her show locked on the equally trailblazing Radio Groovalizacion.

Voices and sounds from Senegal, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Darfur, Ethiopia, via Europe, the UK, the States and Australia - strong hearts and fierce truths. Made in the Chilli Rooms of Sydney, Australia. 

Check Lisa/Lapkats blog

Rado Groovalizacion here ,show some support with a wee fb like;

Wanya Eko feat Gozi Adigwe+Dominic Behan
By . The 13th tribe

1 Chingata
By Captain Planet ft. ChigiyoMaster

2 Sweet Memories
By Mutombo Da Poet

3 MuNyepi
By M-R

4 Book of Screams
By Afeif Ismail Abdelrazig

By P.P.S the writah

6 Locust Like
By Hands aloof

7 Hip Hop Yaw La Fal

8 No Man a Take
By SelfEvident & Warrior Queen

9 Cheukwa
By RuTendo DeNise & Theresa Muteta

10 Don't come any closer
By Mouth of vigilance

11 Pomp Up Pon
By Mojek aka Young Africa

12 The Girl
By Ateif Khieri

13 Radio Africa feat. Tshila (Galambo Remix)
By Cumbia Cosmonauts

14 Love Machine (Prod. By SaBBo Ronen)
By MC Zulu

15 (excerpt from ’3am The Enlightened Darkness’)
By Maureen Shepard

16 Ransom (Fletcher Remix)
By Maga Bo

Ghetto Electric Sessions ep44

Always nice to get played on radio,esp one that punts as tasty vibez as these.Straight out of NZ.We are 3rd up.Good to see names like Maga Bo,Chong X in there too.Dope sesh.Bigups to Hayden Jensen for droppin the good gear.Dig in.

1.Wachi m
By Inti Che

1 La Colombiana (Rebajada)
By Chico ye

2 Mama Dub feat Cherif, Spirit, Tawas & Lirical Afro
By . The 13th tribe

3 Tapuia Riddim
By Nomade Riddim

4 Telephone (Morbidly-o-Beats Remix)
By Unconventional Science

5 Derivation
By Beats Antique

6 Aaj Mera Jee Kardaa (Today My Heart Desires)
By Sukhwinder Singh

7 Golden Arrows (Thornato remix)
By Dynasty Electric

8 Play Remix Feat Goapele
By Los rakas

9 Pull You Back (The Third remix)
By Sibot

10 Want U Back
By Norrit

11 Intrigue
By Obey City

12 Who Buggin'
By Obey City

13 Luvbots 2
By Anthm & Self Evident

14 Purple Faze
By Dj Tuco & Side9000

15 Rewolucja w Nas (Celt Islam Sufi Dub)
By Masala

16 Dan the Dandy
By Maletz

17 Bombeiro Dub
By Sonora & Zuzuka Poderosa

18 Chama o bombeiro (Sonora Remix)
By Zuzuka Poderosa

19 The Booty Jam
By Basement Freaks

20 Nahin Tera Jeha Hor Disda
By Rishi Rich Feat Javeed Bashir

21 BaileKrunk
By SelfEvident

22 É da Nossa Cor feat. Mestre Camaleão (Sabo Remix)
By Maga Bo

23 Retina It (Doma Tornados Version)
By Toten

24 Lengoma (Murlo remix)

25 S.O.S. feat. Pigeon John and Ceci Bastida
By Soulico

26 Jueves Santo
By Dany F.

27 James Blake vs Krs One (Don Beto Recao Remix)
By Don Beto

28 Dembowow
By Al Pacheco

29 Super Buick
By Dj Tylermania

30 Dame Yerba (Daniel Klauser)
By Zonora Point

31 Baiana (Cumba Mela Remix)
By Barbatuques

32 Do It Now
By Chong x

33 Zulqui (Sonora remix)
By Esteban Peon

34 Soundgals feat. Meli Wharton
By Gato Preto

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Heavy Darbuka Skills

This dude knows.Thanks to my pal James Gyre for the heads up.

Ask Rory Gallagher

When Jimi Hendrix was asked how it felt to be the best guitarist in the world he famously replied 'u'd better ask Rory Gallagher'

Music Is A Weapon

'When u are The King Of African Music you are The King,as Music is The King of all Professions'

Saturday, 11 May 2013

James Joyce-Ulysees *Full Movie*

Written decades before Monty Python,and the film from 1967 kinda predates them too.Surprisingly ye never hear it quoted as much,although Darl Larsen in his book on Monty Python's Flying Circus notes 'the streams of consciousness structure is borrowed from Modernist Writers well known to The Pythons such as ...James Joyce..' Judge for urself.

James Joyce / Stephen Rea

Intro tune by The Clancys,if that doesn't get ye goin then u must be made of eggs.I first saw Stephen Rea when i was 15 at The Moyle in Ballycastle doin the play Double Cross.He was good then and he is still good now.Batter it up to 46 mins for SR's delivery.

Omar-The Man,Yes he is.

Sheer quality ,such a fresh dope sound. 10/10

Umberto Eco in conversation with Paul Holdengräber

One Trick Pony EP

7 more master blasters from yours truly covering a variety of styles.34 mins 23 seconds of noise.

Interbase777 EP-Free DL.

Mix on Groovalizacion Radio

Direct DL and FB Like button here ;)

Guest Mix For Radio Groovalizacion by The 13th Tribe on Mixcloud


Intro ft Carlitos Wey+Safa Diallo (Sociedad No LImit) 
David West+Ida Engberg-Abataka (Tommy Tequila Remix)v 
Sabo-Cuban Queen 
The 13th Tribe-Afrika Musika ft Yoyo + Lido Pimienta 
Herbie Hancock-Hang Up Your Hang Ups 
Opus 3 -Its A Fine Day 
Hackney Colliery Band-Africa (Doc Adam Remix) 
Afruxx - Petra 
Tahalun Tahsun 
The 13th Tribe-Number Colour 
The 13th Tribe-East (Instrumental) 
Lingala (Sabo Edit) 
The 13th Tribe Meets Alex Ikot -Mbily (VOCA) 
Senga Abele-Lion Roar. 
The 13th Tribe-Afreaka Musika ft Yoyo (VOCA 2k13) 
The 13th Tribe-Seven Woods 
The 13th Tribe-Aisha 
Bobby Blowcoder-North Orchard Street ft Sara Rodriguez 
The 13th Tribe-Ghetto Yoot feat Safa 
The 13th Tribe-Sun Of A Harp feat Sileshi Demissie (VOCA) 
The 13th Tribe-Gente Del Mar ft Angel ’Anxo’ Sanchez 
Azymuth-Linha do Horizonte 
Diomedes-Casa Caiada 
Frank Zappa-Uncle Remus_

De Leon's Dope Disco II

1.33.33 of Classic/Rare/Dope Disco biz.

De Leon's Dope Disco II by The 13th Tribe on Mixcloud

A Goat Doctor Punk Tape sounds like this

Download the whole kit n kaboodle here;             

54 Hume Drive EP over 100 mins of Free Beats from The 13th Tribe

Dapper wee Interview wi Alejandro Jodorowsky

Big love for Jodorowsky.Check this dapper little interview out.Oh,its in rapid-fire Chileno ;)

Frequency Comb EP by The 13th Tribe

Just a wee shmatering of freeness.Style is abstract dub dopery.7 magic beans to make ur garden grow.

Lucky Speech

Havn't posted in a while ,so will keep it brief,suffice to say this is magic