Sunday, 31 August 2008

13T Track Called 'Black History' featuring Gil Scott Heron.

Click here for The 13th Tribe - Black History feat Gil Scott Heron

Look out for further incarnations of this track as Miami Rapper Real Life,London Mc Rimes and Madrids Pili all drop some sweet vibes on it.

This next track was originally called Heavy Duty.It has been reworked by quite a few vocalists including Anxo Sanchez,Real Life,Rimes & Nicheflow.
Here is the instrumental.

The 13th tribe-Heavy Duty (instrumental)

Divshare player featuring various mixes from backpacker Hip Hop to Back to Back Brasil and Disco Soul selections alongside some little Demos.

Graf by Phorm from Perugia Italy-

This is an 11 minute mini mix Sampler featuring Itta,Tawas,Carlitos Wey,Spirit,Nicheflow & Jacobo.Its a little taster of what is to come from a plethora of Talented Mcs and Vocalists based out in Madrid.The Masterful Dubstructor RAsGUs joins forces with The 13th Tribe for Voca Productions to form a formidable partnership.Look out for a forthcoming CD to be released on Dropzone Records.

Clik here for 13T Meets Voca Sampler Featuring Itta,Tawas,Carlitos Wey,Cherif,Jacobo,Spirit ,Nicheflow with an Excerpt from The Network

This tune features Sara Villanueva on Vocals.

The 13th Tribe -Lentement feat Sara Villanueva

Click here for Dils dope Beats July 08

Last yr The 13th Tribe appeared on ground breaking fledgling label 2600recordings debut compilation CD called Home Entertainment.The CD also featured tracks from Ninja Tune artist Zilla/King Cannibal,as well as tracks from famed underground producers/remixers/djs such as Buddy Peace,Lukid,Sasqwax,Mr Cooper,Sir Howdy etc It met with great critical aplomb in the music press

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Another little Video sampler with a Track Featuring Sara 'Taxe Rodriguez' Villanueva called Avec Toi.