Monday, 22 March 2010

<a href="">The 13th Tribe-Negro feat Niche Flow (Cuba/Barcelona) by The 13th Tribe</a>

All Cash Raised Goes To Haiti + Cruzroja/Red Cross in Chile.

Some press on the track from London to Madrid to Paris to Oz & NYC....

"Amazing...very eclectic. You can definitely tell your influences range from reggae/dancehall/hip-hop. I’d love to hear more anytime, Your releases would be well-received by our eclectic audience. "

Wax Poets Magazine Brooklyn described as “The best and most exquisitely laid-out music bimonthly in America.” by The New York Times Style Magazine

'The 13th Tribe and their new single Negro are about as inspired as it gets. Negro is a tidal wave of musical and cultural influences, as they draw from their collective backgrounds, taking you from Africa to the UK to South America, to create one lethal cocktail.

Best described as a jazzy cha cha topped off with patois and scratching, the track is all about celebrating individuality and personal pride. You may not be able to make out all of the words but you can't help but get swept up in the rhythmic emotion.

The accompanying music video is just as colourful (no pun intended) as the song, using stereotypical minstrel-type images in an entertaining way that gets their message across without being preachy.'

Review By Hazard For Planet Urban

"Negro is great - really infectious. The video reminds me of the early days of the Hac groovin with The Jazz Defektors when the Hac screens showed vids like that with b+w movie clips-

Geoff Ellis (Founder Of T In The Park,DF Concerts)

'The 13th Tribe's Negro sums up our club night in just over 205 perfect seconds' -

Huskiii (FFtang @ 93 feet East Brick lane London)

"I love Negro and think it's a HIT, that youtube clip with the film you've used is a def winner. The whole vibe reminds me a lot of Belleville Rendez-vous - very cool style." -

dj Hobbes (Trouble, Voted "one of the Top 100 Clubs Worldwide" by DJ magazine,& Voted Club of The Yr by Gilles Peterson of Worldwide Radio One .Talkin Loud & Brownswood)

"I really like that Video (of Negro) That was DOPE!"
Buddy Peace (Warp,Sage Francis,Anticon,Bully,Strange Famous Records,2600Recordings)

" I love it,can i submit a beat for this? "
The Apple Juice Kid (drummer/producer for Mc Lyte,Yazarah,The Jungle Brothers,Camp Lo,Freebass 808,Fatman Scoop,7 times USA Beat Battles Champion)

"Negro is Dooooooooooooooooope!!! Yeahhhhhh!! " - SeƱor Lobo (CEO of Lovemonk Records Madrid)

" ...Thanks a million to Suchil K Dade (future Pilot AKA) for pointing me in the direction of The 13th Tribe,a marker of how vibrantly diverse the music world is here in Scotland I just loved that."

Mary Ann Kennedy on playing Negro on Global Gathering BBC Radio Scotland.08/12/09

"Really enjoying your Negro track! Fantastic music!
I've just programmed that on Mary Ann Kennedy's Global Gathering and it sounded fantastic!

Future Pilot AKA

"Really good track. Love the video a lot too." Arnaud Danielou Groovalizacion Radio
released 23 March 2010
Vocals - NicheFlow( VOCA-Cuba,Barcelona)

Engineered+Post Production-Dubstructor for VOCA (Madrid)

Produced - The 13th Tribe (UK)

(Guitar-D.S. Murray,Cuts-13t,thanks to Roddy MacDonald)