Thursday, 30 July 2009

u lucky lucky zoober

If uve heard this Lassie chantin then she'll need no introduction,if uve not, then i envy u cos ur life is about to get a whole lot better-so say a big thanks to me,Celia,her Mum and Dad,her backing band,her manager,her label,Fidel Castro,Che Guevara,Cuba bla bla bla

ok the best way to describe this album is;

its as smooth as Naomi Campbells inner thighs and as tight as ...em tight as Margaret Thatchers coffin lid is gonna be after i blooter a few hundred nails in it.get the message - this is the real deal, an uber classic of apocalyptic proportions...get on it or ill smear ur mother in jam,orite.

click here if ure a moochin bassa
Fart 1

click here if ure a moochin bassa
Fart 2

From the man that brought us Pais Tropical and Mas Que Nada.Dont sleep on this belter from 1971.Negro e Lindo roughly translates as Black and Beautiful and who could argue with him after listening to this and his other classics,also hes got a fair few fans that would most likely batter yer melt in if ye tried to argue with him,so give it a rest eh ffs....

Jorge Ben Lives here

I love this album, the first track 'Im Busca Do Oro' is a total barkin mad bona fide classic.

I highly recommend that today u dont shave,or dont pluck ur eyebrows ,or dont feed the cat nor mow the lawn nor watch Eastenders and instead enrich ur soul with a good dose of Brasilian Psychedelic Rawk - U know it makes the senses.

get it here

Late 1960s Tom Ze album called Grande Liquidacao.Very Topical title from a very Tropical singer.Great stuff.

Diggin this album bigtime right now.

Dont forget to tell yer Granny.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Cannonball Adderley anyone?Heres his Bossa Nova Album tis verily tasty indeed.

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This is a wee ditty with me-13t on Bass,Drums and Vox.Just a groovey wee bit of fun really,no harm done.

The above is a wee sampler of a 13t & VOCA Collab.The Vocal cuts come courtesy of a Camerounian lad called Serge who hails from the Bamileke tribe.I met Serge rapping downstairs in a wee Afro Hip Hop Bar in Lavapies, a Barrio in Madrid City Centre famed for its Exotic,Tropical Afro SudAmericana vibes.In the space of 5 minutes he dropped a plethora of styles in about a squillion different languages-French,Portuguese,Spanish,English,Arabic & Bamileke.Hes possibly one of the finest vocalists ive ever heard and had the pleasure to gig an record with.The album promises to be a stunner with a number of his fellow Bamileke crew getting on board.If ur in the Area pop into Bar Aisha, ask anyone hangin about the Tube station an theyll tell u where it is....