Sunday, 17 April 2011

Beats,Rhymes+Life - The Movie

Hell yeah,u gotta see this

The Double Bass

Stanley Clarke;

Adam Ben Ezra

Carlos De Pino

Buster Williams

Ron Carter

Sophia - Hey Shorty

Browsing thru youtube slam poetry got tones of North Americans,Australians and Irish.So did a search for 'Scottish Slam Poetry' and got this ; a girl from Washington in a cafe in Edinburgh.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Stolen Scream

Interesting tale about a photo that some dude took of himself screaming.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

“Self Titled” EP - Secret Sidewalk

Pocket their free eP over here


Cheers 2 Pete (tremendiss fargin beatmaker) Sasqwax for the nod.

Fractulz,Gods thumbprint? Colours Of Infinity-Arthur C Clarke.

Interesting Hippy bollox.

There Is No Authority But Yourself

Stuff Yer Government.

What the Future Sounded Like-History of EMS

The Alchemists Of Sound

Wee docu on the BBC's famous ROOM 13 Radiophonic Workshop.

The BBC 'Moge'

This is gettin battered.

My Dad worked on one of these.

Defo gettin flipped.

Tales from Beyond The Pale

I may rob some of this ,so if u see it in a future vid i make then u know where i got it from.

Guess Who?

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Saphron-Back To Ruzafa

Uchoob of Le Micro Feat Sara Taxe Rodriguez

Just a wee uchoob of some pics of Barrio Del Carmen in Sara's native Valencia (taken by herself) and mixed with some piks taken around the streets of Santiago de Chile.

Heres the bandcamp DL Link too.

Window Samba.

Little 2 minute Organic 2 Step Breakbeat Garage promo beat along with footage of the cockpit of a Fighter Jet layered with stuff about String Theory.

Destination Unlimited.

Organic Saxophone driven break cut to footage of an F111 fighter plane mixed with an old Prelinger cartoon about how Oil 'is not only a great source of energy but gives freedom to make any goal possible'


Moody 2 Step beat accompanies lo-fi footage of a bus journey entering the famous Chilean/Pacific port of Valparaiso,just 1 month after the 8.8 earthquake in Feb 27 2010.Shot using a Canon A560 and edited in iMovie6

Think Big Henry

Dubby Downtempo beat underpins a conversation between Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger discussing Nixon's desire to drop a Nuclear Bomb on Cambodia.

13t + Jello Biafra

Instrumental Electro Hip Hop vibes this time alongside future Robots and homemade morse code machines then mixed with a bit of banter from the great Jello Biafra former lead singer of Dead Kennedys.

Hater-The 13th Tribe meets Youth Speaks

Melodic Downtempo track featuring Slam poetry from the Youth Speaks movement based in Seattle.Filmed around the paint splashed streets of Pablo Neruda's house (La Chascona) in Barrio Bellavista,Santiago de Chile.The images were taken with a Canon Powershot A560 and Edited in iMovie 6

This is T (rip it up mix)

Have a cup of T an watch this.

In This House (Swamp Gas mix)

Some old Town planner footage from the 1960s about the relocation of the inhabitants of Glasgows Tenements to the High Rises on the outskirts of the City.

New Hope City

Glitchy bizniz coupled with archive footage.

Deadbird Beats

Minimal downtempo instrumental Glitch -and another reject beat for the Ninja Tune Forum 64 Bar Challenge i decided not to use,alongside a News report of the 5000 dead birds that fell out of the sky in Beebe,Arkansas on New Yrs Eve.

Hit The Road Jack.

Haunting and augmented bamboo flutes with tibetan bells over a double bass driven organic downtempo beat alongside footage of Rockefeller being greeted by a 17yr old Matias Rojas on his arrival to Chile on January 17th 2011.

Wi Spy

Downtempo Glitch Hop beat with screechy slide guitars and dubby live bass alongside a news report on how Google and the CIA are teaming up to spy on internet habits and more.

Secret Of Success

Instrumental Downtempo Glitch Hop recorded for the 98bpm Ninja Tune Forum 64 Bar Challenge (reject beat).This time features cut ups of old US Propaganda films and some cartoons about an evil genius who robs banks with flying robots from about 2000 yrs ago.

Outer Spacers

Glitchd beats accompanied by a trashy live bassline and layered with effex that sound like 2 strung out Soup Dragons snarling over their last rock of crack.All live skills,no quantized pish involved.

A Video I Made for My Cat

Ignore the mypants stuff,the vid was obviously made during that sad epoch.