Monday, 10 August 2009

The 13th Tribe meets Morphy -Adonai Dub featuring Yast Solo,Cherif and Tony Flash
This is a 13th Tribe/VOCA Production 2009.

Unreal,quite simply the best ever bedroom recording ive ever been witness to never mind a part of,yes folks,thats my old bedroom,temporarily transformed into a state of the art recording studio complete with an Avalon Vocal Pre Amp TLA Studio Audio Amp and an AKG condenser.....nice :)

(by the way u can tell its my room cos of the Celtic top on the wall :)

Cherif and Yast Solo are from Africa.Cherif (Senegal)is from a famous family of Senegal musicians and he plays a mean and mighty Kora on this track - i think youll agree hes a phenomenal player and phuck a duck can he sing.

Yast Solo from,Guinea Equatorial,is founder of APN (Spanish Black Panther Movement) and hes a straight talker who tells it like it is _'When Tomorrow we are called,were gonna unite and take back the city"

Tony Flash believe it or not is Finnish "There is no end to this War between me and Babylon"


The masterful Gus Lescouflair AKA Irasgus/Dubstructor Engineered,Co Produced & Co Wrote the original track.He is the backbone of the VOCA Movement and is presently esconced behind the desk recording an album for AIds awareness in Africa.The Album promises to be a sensation as it features many of the VOCA/13th Tribe artists featured below as well as many other Afro-Latin musicians and artists hailing from Cuba to Ethiopia.

(He sent me a track just yesterday - Immtougo Wip - Ali - amazin vibes on an a heavy Roots-Organic-Acoustic-North African tip.)

Im pretty chuffed to admit that I Co wrote,and Co Produced and Arranged Adonai.This particular mix is by myself and DnB genius Morphy (Nerve,Urban TAkeover,Exegene) u can find him here.

click here for Morphys page

The Morphy is a King Tubby lovin sonic wazoo and a pleasure to work with these past 15 odd yrs.`Look out for a 13t Meets Morphy EP coming soon and some pretty exciting collabs with Cube,(Exegene records label Boss - another phenomenal desk wizard)


One Love.


Thursday, 6 August 2009

The 13th Tribe - Reconstruct The Self.

Tough talkin 2 Step beats with some positive 'γνῶθι σεαυτόν gnōthi seauton' -'Know Thyself' style vibes eloquently delivered by an eminent African Studies proffessor.

Download Free 320 kbps MP3 Here

Monday, 3 August 2009

best album of 2008 hands down

"Kudsi Erguner lives and works in Paris as musician (Ney-flute, which is a reed flute), composer, musicologist, teacher, author, and translator.
Erguner comes from a family of Turkish musicians. His contact with many famous musicians from the older generation, who continually passed through his parents house, and his involvement with various Sufi-brotherhoods, whose music and teachings Erguner studied, left their decisive marks on him. He received his training directly from his father, Ulvi Erguner, who was the last great master of the Ney.
Kudsi Erguner has given concerts and played in major festivals throughout the world. He has researched the music of India, Pakistan, and Turkey, grounded diverse music ensembles, recorded numerous albums, and has worked with such well known artists as Peter Gabriel (Passion, US), Maurice Béjart, Peter Brook, Georges Aperghis, Didier Lockwood, and Michel Portal. Erguner has thus made authoritative contributions to World Music. He has documented and revived nearly forgotten musical traditions and brought them to the attention of the Western public, securing them a place within Europe's cultural inheritance."

Magical Niceness

Another cool wee album from Tom Ze,called Estudando O Samba.

Tom Ze Samba or Studying?



yumyum part 2

Crackin Boogaloo album from 1968 by Bobby Matos.Trailo A Casa (Bring It Home) is a good time boogie woogie vibe and the earthy,organic Double Bass driven 'Raices' (Roots) are my faves alongside the shrilly Flute laden Mambo Maxims.Tema De Alma Latina (Latin Soul Song) too is worth a mention.(Akchooly I dont think theres a bad choon on this album and thats why its here)If ye like those big chunky latin beats like david icke likes a conspiracy then this is a lizard lovers paradise.Seriously switch off M*V an give yer ears a rest.Shake yer ass to some proper music eh.Its a well known fact that lucifers tics tacs will not save u from Swine Flu but Latin Music definitely will.Mon The Cuban cureall.

Bobby Matos_My Latin Soul

Brasil meets Chile.I love Las Jaivas Mira Niñita is as sweet a tune as ull ever here.I defy u to not like it.THis video really is the stuff of legend too.

Manduka & Las Jaivas

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Just done this tonite,I started it at 10 just finished it about 12.The beat was one i prepared earlier,bwahaha,then I put a donk on it in Logic.All Good clean fun,writin beats tops watchin the eejit box anyway eh.The Spoken Word is courtesy of The Watts Prophets iirc?.Cheers lads keep up the sterling work....

Download 320 kbps - We Aint playin (window samba mix) Here.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

What can i say about Tinariwen?


They were trained as crack troops in Libya by Colonel Gaddafi only to swap their AK47s for Geetars and microphones...

Mon The Tuaregs

मज सिंसरे

Magic album from one of the finest producers on these North Atlantic shores.Includes some damn fine Mixes from Recloose,Jazzanova,NuYorcan Soul,MPC.I love this soulfull shuffly 2 step groovieness,cos it fills a dancefloor in seconds.I remember playin to a crowd of Afro Hip Hoppers out in Spain once,an i dropped Sincere for a laugh,the place went Bazooka mento.I ended up playing Old School UK Garage and 2 step all nite on vociferous demand of the patrons for the rest of the nite.....

Love an open minded crowd me.(especially as i used to be a music bigot myself :O ah well ye have to start somewhere.....

praise the lord